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Things to avoid:   FormaldehydeFood.info
Development of GM mice for testing begins in 2018.

Food additives and ADHD:   ADHDBasics.info   (good model, experiment on hold)

Surprisng how it works:   EmbryoAttrition.info


The Congressional Train Wreck Mystery

AHSP Draft     EZ Star Cylinder draft

High school class reunion:   PSHS57.org

Surfboarding camp, Panama:   Morro Negrito

Ballroom dance instruction:   ScottsDance.takken.us

membership database web site for small club - draft
fixed-hand chord patterns for beginning piano - draft
same math in compound interest, nuclear bombs, ferrel cats... - draft
Need $ to investigate why cancer rose 30%   MoonshotPetition.takken.us (unsuccessful)


Quackery:   Philpott Monopole Magnetics Medicine

Better bad physics:   DonJoy Bone Growth Stimulators