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Find out why the cancer epidemic occurred:   MoonshotPetition.us

Methanol in today's foods:   InadvertentMethanol.info

Food additives and ADHD:   ADHDBasics.info

The beginning of life:   EmbryoAttrition.info

-Web entry database software has been set up to investigate whether certain classes of participants show remission of symptoms if they avoid inadvertent methanol, but pursuing GM mice first.


Bad vibrating air conditioner installation:   M.E. Flow

High school class reunion:   PSHS.org

Surfboarding camp, Panama:   Morro Negrito

Ballroom dance instruction:   ScottsDance.info

In draft:
-The math similarity of ferrel cats, compound interest, nuclear bombs and more.
-Dance club web page with database for on-line enrollment and records keeping.
-Beginning piano, a dyslexic politician approach:  Kick the hard problems like
hand position down the road, and deemphasize letters.  Instead of the usual,
start with learning fixed-hand chord patterns and do lots of simple songs that way.


Quackery:   Philpott Monopole Magnetics Medicine

Better bad physics:   DonJoy Bone Growth Stimulators