Dance steps taught at Scott's Oquaga Lake Resort
by Chuck Williamson and others.
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At Cookout (song) Comin' Round The Mountain
Line Dance (Beg) El Vira
Line Dance (Beg) Cool Cool Kitty
Line Dance (Beg) Old Bones
Line Dance (Beg) Waltz

July 2015:

ChaCha (Int) Shadow Position
ChaCha (Int) Reverse Shadow Position
ChaCha (Int) Flick Kick
Meringue (Int) Flick Step
Rumba (Int) Under Arm Turn + Guy Turn
Tango (Int) Double Cross Step

Aug 2014:

ChaCha (Int) Kick Turn
ChaCha (Adv) Three Flicks
ChaCha (Int) 3 Cross-Body Draws  
ChaCha (Adv) 3 Cross-Body Draws +
Rumba (Beg) Cross-Body Draws
Waltz (Int) Reviewed 8 bar pattern taught in 2013
Rumba (Beg) Raise Arm
Ending (Beg) Ending
Tango (Demo) Patric Ma &

Aug 2013:

Rumba (Int) Hip Turn
Rumba (Int) Spin Walk
Tango (Int) Out to Under Arm Turn
Tango (Int) Turn to Leg Hooks
Bossa Nova (Int) Review of steps taught in May
Waltz (Int) Reviewed Pattern A taught in May

May 2013:

Bossa Nova (Beg) The Basic Step to music   <-- start here
Bossa Nova (Int)  Several Basic Steps to music
Bossa Nova
Instruction for Basic, Fwrd Break,
  Side Pass, Under Arm Chassé
Bossa Nova
Instruction for Basic, Box,
  1st Position Break, Open Break,
  Side Pass, Under Arm Chassé

Instruction for Box, Cross Body,
  Inside Turn, Open Break, Side Pass,
  Under Arm Turn, Face Brush,
  Side Hip Swivels, Throw Out
Waltz (Adv) Pattern A Instruction
Waltz (Adv) Pattern B Instruction
West Coast (Int) A lot of basics demo


Cha Cha (Int) Knee Bends
Cha Cha (Int) Tush Push
Cha Cha (Adv) Turns + Knee Bends
Rumba (Adv) Ten Step to Chassé
Mambo (Adv) Around Back
Rumba (Beg) Windmill to Open Cuban Walk
Tango (Int) Cross Body Draw to Fans
Tango (Adv) Skater Steps
Tango (Adv) Skater Steps to CB Draw to Swivels
Triple Swing (Int) Fred & Ginger Kick to Chassé
Waltz (Int) 8 Bar Pattern