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Explanation of Pictures

    Hermaphroditism tends to be greeted with skepticism or disbelief, including by researchers, and even when medical journal references are cited. So pictures are needed to establish credibility for what is stated in the Summary page.

    A reason for not showing pictures for anencephaly and hermaphroditism is that for the average viewer these images are too graphic. The main reason, though, is that some are inappropriately attracted rather than shocked by a picture of dual genitals.

    Showing the picture here was causing this site to be referenced by a dozen or more porn web sites, all Russian, plus something like a hundred other questionable Russian web sites. So access to the hermaphrodite picture has been put under password.

    Write to ed@EmbryoAttrition.info, and you will be sent a password good for a day. On the page you can then access, the pictures can not be copied by the usual Cmd-click technique. Plus, the control script is scrambled and server stored.